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Become One With Nature While Game Hunting in Victoria

When some hunters think of hunting in a remote, pristine area, they may think they have to travel far from any city to visit that region. At Dingley Dell Safari's in Victoria, you will be as close to Melbourne as you need to be while enjoying the state's natural beauty. You won't even realise Melbourne is so near when you are hunting all varieties of Australian deer in Victoria's Alpine Country. For years, hunters have enjoyed the property of Dingley Dell Safari's premier hunting grounds.

Whether you are a new hunter or you have years of experience, you will enjoy an amazing hunting experience at a place that specialises in the best game hunting Victoria offers. You will find plenty of Australian deer that you can shoot and memorialise in some way, whether you prefer meat, capes or trophies. You will reminisce fondly on your relaxing time in Alpine Country, hunting many kinds of Australian deer. The enjoyable experience we provide international and local Australian hunters helps us provide the best game hunting Victoria loves.

A hunting trip is what you make of it, and you will have options to traverse the remote areas of the property or sit patiently and wait for the arrival of deer. Whatever hunting option you choose, you will be able to take advantage of Victoria's natural setting to take down your deer of choice. Dingley Dell Safari's seeks to make your unique hunting excursion the best source for game hunting Victoria can provide.