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Free Range Hunts

At “Dingley Dell” we specialize in Sambar Hunting in Victoria’s Alpine Country. We can accommodate for every level of fitness. We offer  Back Pack HuntsHound Hunts and Easier Access Hunts (with the use of 4x4 vehicles).

Back Pack Hunts: Involves walking into country that is inaccessible in winter months. A good day’s walk will put you in places that people rarely see. Deer are plentiful and undisturbed. Sambar deer are Australia’s premier game animal and these hunts will be very challenging, but rewarding for hunters with good fitness and hunting skills.

Hound Hunts: With 25 years of experience hunting Sambar with hounds, we can put you in the right places. Hound hunting can be very successful, flushing excellent trophy’s out of dense scrub that at times is impossible to stalk.

Easier Access Hunts: These hunts involve less walking and more patience. Imagine sitting in a nice sunny spot while waiting for deer to move about can be more rewarding than covering miles on foot.  Hunting in the mornings and evenings with the convenience of a good camp not far away.  We are very experienced Sambar Hunters and have great knowledge of Sambar movements all year round.